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Training / Courses


This topic is not to be taken as and add-on and a passing whim to fill in the logbook or as a Sunday Sport!


Because lives can be at risk, training is a very important part of everyday life at sea.  The Master does not have the availability of emergency services as provided for ashore. Reliance is placed on the competence of those under his / her command and assumptions can be made that they are properly trained. In most cases, the minimum standards are upheld but it is essential to ensure crews are trained beyond normal certification requirements, especially on sophisticated ships such as chemical or gas carriers.


BowTech has a number of highly qualified instructors and course writers who can provide onboard training (ride-along) or classroom based instruction. Courses include, but not limited to, COW / IG, Chemical Response - ICS, Enclosed Space Entry, STCW, IMDG, IATA, DGs.


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