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‘Semaphore House’ - Hartford Place, Windsor Park

North Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V7H 2J7

 Tel:  1 604 929 3745 - Mobile 1 604 644 3717 - Email: BowTech@Telus.net



Surveys / Inspections

Investigations / Audits


Surveys / Inspections / Investigations / Audits - What kind of a work is required?

BowTech has a team that have carried out just about any kind of survey applicable to the marine industry, from damaged cargo to Pre-Purchase, Condition, Bunker, On/Off Hire, P&I / Hull & Machinery Insurance claims or verification examinations and investigations.

Pre-Inspections are also carried out for CDI Chemical & Gas & Bulk Ships, including Marine Package Dangerous Goods and Oil & Chemical Major Vetting.

Container preload and damage assessments are also undertaken.

Do you need a Risk Assessment, ISM Internal or ISPS pre- certification check?

Tanker Management Self Assessment (TMSA) is fast become the benchmark required by all Owner/Operators in the tanker industry. We can provide the necessary framework and guidance to get you through the process.

As part of ongoing improvement required by TMSA, BowTech can undertake external 3rd Party Audits such as Navigation, Cargo/Ballast & Manning, assisting the Owner/Operators to maintain and/or improve their scores.

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