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Hudson Marine Management Services (HMMS)


‘Semaphore House’ - Hartford Place, Windsor Park

North Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V7H 2J7

 Tel:  1 604 929 3745 - Mobile 1 604 644 3717 - Email: BowTech@Telus.net


Superintendency / Supercargo

Loading Master


The work of the 'Super' can greatly increase cargo operation efficiencies, culminating in quicker turnarounds.  Our experts provide all services across all cargo spectrums including container, petroleum, chemical, gas, bulk, break-bulk, steel, dangerous goods and so on.

In addition, the job of a Supercargo / Loading Master can greatly increase the vessel's performance at a terminal and ensure that the company's and terminal's pollution control and safety mandates are adhered to.

Language is also a concern in some ports. With multinational crews where English is the working language, there can be situations where terminal staff are not attuned to the variations of the English language which could compromise safety. As our personnel have had many years experience working with different nationals where English is not their first language, they are able to quickly understand what the directive or request may be between ship and terminal and vice versa.


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