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Hudson Marine Management Services (HMMS)


‘Semaphore House’ - Hartford Place, Windsor Park

North Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V7H 2J7

 Tel:  1 604 929 3745 - Mobile 1 604 644 3717 - Email: BowTech@Telus.net

Services provided include but not limited to:


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When delivering our services, we promise (as far a practical, given possible geographical constraints) to:

  • Dedicate an experienced Surveyor / Inspector / Investigator or Auditor/s to the work;
  • Dedicate a (Lead) Instructor and tailor made manuals for courses participants;
  • Apply state of the art technical capabilities;
  • Apply quick, decentralised decision making processes;
  • Provide advanced calculation analysis and support tools and methods;
  • Offer around the-clock service worldwide;
  • Apply research and development procedures;
  • And provide a solid understanding of your business and requirements for success.