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Early in 1994 a group of the concerned members of British Columbia Branch of the Nautical Institute raised over $3,000 by donation and secured an agreement with a major international shipping company, with offices in Vancouver, to place four Canadian Junior Officers in training positions.  The ships were fully crewed and there was no incentive for the company to replace their low-cost officers with Canadians.  However, there was an undertaking to provide board and lodging at no cost to the trainee and to ensure that a broad range of training opportunities was available.  The funds raised by donation were used to pay each trainee a stipend of $400 per month.  Subsequent reports received from the shipping company indicated a high level of satisfaction with the trainees and one trainee was accepted into a salaried position as a Junior Officer.  Unfortunately the initiative had to be abandoned due to lack of further funding.

Nevertheless, the success of the initiative stimulated further discussion amongst the Branch members.  They recognised that a structure with tax exempt status, separate from The Nautical Institute, was essential to further develop the scheme and to encourage fund raising.  With the benefit of input from the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineers (a Society) application was made to incorporate a Society.  The immediate priorities of the Society would be to: -

  • secure sea-going training positions for unemployed or under-employed Junior Officers resident in British Columbia.
  • screen and select suitable trainees for these positions.
  • pursue sources of funding to provide a stipend to Junior Officers while in training.

The Certificate of Incorporation of the Society was issued on February 10th 1995.  Within one month the Nautical Institute, BC Branch, became an Affiliated Member of the Society.  In due course, the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineers and the Company of Master Mariners of Canada also joined as affiliated members.  At that point a change was made to the Society’s name, replacing the words “British Columbia” with “Canada”.

While the Society was being created, a profitable link was established with the BC Government’s Department of Skills, Training and Labour.  In time a total of $72,000 was received from that Department.  The money was held in the custody of Camosun College and disbursed to the Society over a period of three years.  It was then used to provide stipends for Canadian Junior Officers for whom the Society had found positions on foreign flag-vessels.  This program proved to be highly successful.

About nine years ago, priorities changed.  There was now no longer a market for Canadian Watch Keeping Mates on Foreign Flag vessels.  But, at about the same time the Cadet Program was introduced to the Marine Campus of the British Columbia Institute of Technology.  The Society then sought a way to assist Cadets in the program.  The establishment of endowments proved to be the answer in order to generate funds for scholarships.

We now offer two scholarships each year.  One is open to both Nautical Science and Engineering Cadets.  Starting this year the other scholarship will alternate from year to year between the two groups of Cadets.  We also provide book prizes to graduates of the Nautical Science program.

If you wish to get involved please click the SEATIMES Life-ring link below. SEATIMES is the Society's newsletter which is periodically issued. On the last page of the letter you will find and submission slip for donations  or membership application. Many thanks.



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