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Marine Technical Services (MTS)

This information is for the sole use of the Marine Technical Safety Inspectors and Loading Masters.


From time to time, we may be asked to qualify a ship for the purpose of using the Westridge Terminal or, for that matter, any other terminal we may be contracted to attend in the capacity of Safety Inspector, Pollution Control Officer or Loading Master.


In order to undertake this task, certain information must be acquired from various sources.

These are:

The Forms you may be required to complete with respect to the validation of the ship and in the wake of a cargo operation are as follows:

  • Initial safety check - On ship's prior arrival

  • The Ship Shore Safety Checklist (SSSCL)


  • Vessel Notes & Deficiencies Report

The following are guidance notes for the Inspector:


Ship/Shore Checklist: We tend to use the ship's own checklists if similar to ISGOTT..... sign this at, or soon after, the loading/discharge meeting and take a copy for MTS report.


Collect the following Documents:

  • Ship's Time Log (signed for Terminal),

  • NOR (signed for Terminal),

  • Protests (signed for KM),

  • Vessel Particulars,

  • Ship/Shore Checklist,

  • And any other supporting documents (usually kept on file by MTS).

Tanker Performance  Rating (TPR) Template

Complete the TPR Template using the guidelines at the bottom of the sheet - make any remarks necessary to qualify any equipment or cargo operation / procedure.


The following is the link to the Ship Information Database. This contains all the vessels inspected, having completed a cargo operation at presently the Westridge Terminal only. [Click here to enter.- coming soon!]