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'Semaphore House' - 992 Hartford Place, Windsor Park

North Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V7H 2J7

 Tel:  1 604 929 3745 - Mobile: 1 604 644 3717 - Email:


Welcome to BowTech Maritime


Established in 1994, BowTech Maritime provides all types of maritime services to vessel Charterers, Owner/Operators, and Managers. Our extensive background in provincial/state and federal government matters also provides an excellent foundation for addressing most regulatory issues.


In addition to technical / project management and consultative services, BowTech undertakes Navigation-Bridge & Cargo Audits, Superintendency work, P&I Investigations, Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI) and Oil Major (OCIMF) vetting pre-inspections, Cargo surveys, Cargo / Hull & Machinery investigations, marine related training and risk management studies, including all Security (ISPS) issues.


Are you considering the Tanker Management Self Assessment (TMSA) route?.....We can assist.


BowTech Maritime also has an office in Salvador/Aratu Brasil and is affiliated with a number of companies - click on the links to the left to see their profiles and gain access to their websites.


BowTech's Team consists of experienced, highly qualified mariners supported by other necessary disciplines to address all ship owning / managing requirements.


"Qualifications are essential but experience is crucial"


BowTech's accumulative resources span over hundreds of years in all areas from the terminal, though the interface, to the ship where management and safe operations are critical to ongoing commercial success.